Kaua'i, Hawai'i 2020
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Kaua'i Explorer:  Hiking Trails  |  Beaches

Identify the plants and animals of Kaua'i
iNaturalist is a joint initiative of the California Academy of Sciences
and the National Geographic Society

Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge is managed as part of the
Kaua'i National Wildlife Refuge Complex
Friends of Kaua'i Wildlife Refuges: Visit the Kilauea Refuge and Lighthouse

Hawai'i Audubon Society Birding on Kaua'i checklist and book

Makauwahi Cave Reserve: resources and blog

Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary
NOAA Nautical Charts of Kaua'i and Hawai'i

3 of the 5 National Tropical Botanical Gardens are on Kaua'i.
Allerton and McBryde gardens are right next to each other.

Hawai'i Flag   Hawai'i Ko Aloha Flag
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